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MetaFilter is one of the web's longest-running online communities; we've been operating since 1999, with thousands of members and a reputation for thoughtful, civil discussion and an exceptional dedication to attentive moderation and community management. We've been focused for almost twenty years now on fulfilling the web's potential to bring people together and create genuine, vibrant, good-hearted community spaces.

The site is run by a team of seven paid professionals—six full- and part-time moderators and a dedicated tech person—and we're funded by a mix of internet advertising income and, since 2014, direct financial support from folks in the MetaFilter community. That direct support has been vital to keeping MetaFilter steady in the face of a frequently volatile ad market, and is something we hope to grow over the long term to further guarantee MetaFilter's position as a financially independent web community.

Why We Need Your Help

Right now, we're in trouble. The ad revenue we have historically depended on to help fund our round-the-clock moderation team has dropped significantly this year, and as of June 2018 we are operating at an $8,000/month shortfall. We don't have the resources to sustain such a loss for long.

So we're asking for additional direct support from folks to offset those losses and help us keep MetaFilter stable long-term and avoid staffing cuts for our seven-person team, whose work has allowed MetaFilter to remain such a unique place on the web.

Your help now—whether you're a member of MetaFilter present past or future, or an occasional reader, or just someone who believes in the importance of an independent and non-toxic web—will help us weather this storm and move MetaFilter further toward a long-term, community-funded model not subject to the vagaries and compromises of the corporate advertising market. I can't thank you enough for whatever help you can provide.

- Josh "cortex" Millard, owner and moderator

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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You can contribute bitcoin to MetaFilter through Coinbase.

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