Why fund MetaFilter?

MetaFilter is a global community. It's run by a small team of paid professionals providing moderation and support for the community, and overseen by a Steering Committee of community members. MetaFilter depends heavily on donations to provide a unique space on the web for what has become a genuine, vibrant and good-hearted community.

Your donation keeps the lights on

Recurring donations are what keep the site running. One-off donations smooth over lower-revenue months and give the site real stability. Both are super welcome, though if we had to choose, we'd ask you to set up a recurring donation as that creates predictability.

$5 buys a mod a can of heirloom beans
$10 buys a mod a can of heirloom beans and a small plate
$50 pays for an hour of full moderation coverage (and some beans)
$500 pays for emergency moderation cover for a month
$5000 covers site hosting fees and tools that keep the electrons moving for a month

How can I donate?

Paypal Payments

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How to manage PayPal payments

Is this for a specific project? Please contact us and tell us what it's for! If you'd like to make a large donation, please contact us directly so we can work out the best way to minimize fees.


We accept one-time donations via Venmo, @metafilter.

I already donate!

Thank you, we really appreciate it. You're one of the folks who make it possible for MetaFilter to exist on the web.

Sometimes recurring donations lapse without the contributor realizing it. Please take a moment to visit your PayPal account or Stripe payment to make sure that your donation is still active.

I want to donate by personal check

You can send a paper check (or cheque) to:

PO Box 345
Randolph VT 05060

If you're a member, please add your username to the check.

I want to donate by bank transfer

Please drop us a note via the Contact Form.

I just want to buy swag

We have merch for sale at TopatoCo, Neatoshop and TeePublic.

I can't donate cash but I want to help in other ways

We're looking for people willing to contribute a little time or expertise to make MetaFilter better. Sign up here and we'll be in touch.